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Burn Gorman
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A short modly break... 
26th-Aug-2008 12:49 pm
Matt // Hysteria
Due to an ever-increasing workload, I'm sadly going to be relinquishing my modly powers for a while. myvxkirito will be in charge until I get back so fell free to direct any questions her way.

I've noticed that activity in the community has been pretty much nonexistent for the last few months but I hope things will start to pick up soon. Remember you can post graphics you've made, screenshots, or even start discussions on your favourite Burn moments, all sorts of things. There's still plenty of interest here, I know that from the still-rising number of members, so I hope that the post count will start to rise again.

With that, I'll say farewell for a bit. Hopefully it won't take long for things to settle down so I can get back over here sharpish. Until then, take care!

See you soon. :)
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