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Burn Gorman
"My name's Burn Gorman, and this is my life..."
WhatsOnStage Awards 
13th-Dec-2009 12:03 pm
if any of you hasn't yet seen this: Burn Gorman is nominated for his role as Bill Sikes in the musical Oliver! Right now he's about 1% behind this actor from the Priscilla musical, so he definitely needs some votes!

You can vote here:

WhatsOnStage Awards

(It's the 8th category, Best Supporting Actor in a Musical)

It'd be great if some of you would pass this on so we get enough votes! ^__^
14th-Jan-2010 03:34 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I've watched the results since you posted it on BGO... in the last days in which you could see the results, it was really awful to see Burn always behidn by about 0,2% >_<

I actually already posted this about a month ago, but it was just checked and approved now.

Since the voting will only be open until the end of January, a little reminder on the torch_wood community might be good since it's already some time since s.o. from BGO last postet about this. What do you think?
15th-Jan-2010 12:23 am (UTC)
I'll shoot a message to my site co-admin about doing it. I am out of town right now, while my husband is being seen by specialists at the University of Rochester Medical Center, so I am in and out and only have access here at the hotel (and I am not here much each day).
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