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Burn Gorman

"My name's Burn Gorman, and this is my life..."

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Burn Gorman @ Livejournal

Hello! Welcome to the first Livejournal community dedicated to Burn Gorman.

He's probably best known for playing Torchwood's resident cynic, sorry, medic, Owen Harper, but Burn has acted in a veritable potpourri of TV and film over the course of his, so far, relatively short career.

Roles in the favourites of the British public, Dalziel and Pascoe and Coronation Street, were followed by the BBC's lavish adaptation of Bleak House and the award winning drama serial, Low Winter Sun. His film credits include Layer Cake, in which he acted alongside James Bond himself, as well as Hollywood movies, Fred Claus and Penelope.

A self-proclaimed character actor, Burn loves nothing more than pulling on a wig or false teeth for the sake of a role, yet he's no stranger to the more classical side of acting with a number outings on the stage to his name.

This community is for fans of Burn to gather and share news, pictures, icons, scans, art, interviews, reviews, screencaps or whatever, and just generally have a good time squeeing over the lovely Mr. Gorman.


The obligatory list of rules can be found here. Please take the time to read through them. ^^


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